Hydroponics at Schools

We offer turnkey project management for schools looking to integrate on-site food production. We design interior, on ground, or rooftop hydroponic operations and develop customized education and job training programs to make use of them. Explore our current school projects below.

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Co-op Tech (April 2015)

Co-op Tech offers the most comprehensive technical education to youth in NYC. Its Manhattan location on 96th street and 1st avenue used to have a horticulture program and the building has two remaining unused greenhouses. Blue Planet is partnering with Co-op tech and HarlemGrown to revitalize the greenhouses. The new interiors of the greenhouses will feature a highly-productive hydroponic system and an R&D space for students to learn and develop their own systems. This is the next stage of Blue Planet’s Growing Futures program, leveraging a public-private partnership to encourage youth entrepreneurship and develop the indoor farming technicians of the future. This project is currently in the design stages and is expected to be completed by April 2015.


North Port High (September 2015)

Blue Planet is working with local stakeholders, including Food and Nutrition Services of Sarasota County and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation to develop a partnership to bring North Port High School closer to 50% local produce procurement throughout the year. Blue Planet is serving as project manager for a 2,880 sf hydroponic greenhouse that is planned for September 2015. Blue Planet is also assisting with curriculum development to compliment the greenhouse.


Phillips Programs (July 2015)

Phillips Programs is a private, nonprofit organization serving over 500 children and their families in the Washington metropolitan area. For more than 40 years, they have helped children where others could not — to prepare to become independent, productive young adults. Blue Planet is currently developing an indoor hydroponics education lab for the Laurel, MD location of Phillips Programs which is expected to be fully installed by July 2015. In 2016, Phillips Programs and Blue Planet will continue their engagement, shifting from education to job training. A planned microgreens business at the school will offer their students new opportunities to work in food production and food services.


Bergen Academies (Planned, 2016)

This magnet school in New Jersey is building a new Environmental Sciences Centre on their campus. We continue to consult Bergen Academies on the implementation of vertical hydroponic technologies and education curricula around vertical farming.


NYC Community Settlement (Planned, 2016)

Blue Planet is working with a community settlement that has a long and rich history of serving the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Started in 2014, Blue Planet has been working with the settlement to develop one of their rooftops into a thriving hydroponic greenhouse. At 1,100 sf, the food will be used to supply a portion of the numerous after school and lunch programs the settlement offers. This project will have indoor greenhouse and outdoor spaces, offering students unique ways to interact with food production.


Feasibility Studies

Blue Planet has the advantage of more than 5 years of research and data into the nascent field of vertical farming. We offer subcontracting research and analysis services as well as full-fledged feasibility studies for business planning purposes.

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Vertical Farming Benchmarking Study (February 2015)

In February 2015, Blue Planet completed a comprehensive benchmarking research study for a global consulting firm. The study included a list of all commercial vertical farms operating globally, six case studies, and analysis on industry trends. Finally, the study included an economic analysis for a vertical farm. Altogether this study served as a valuable resource to the firm that was pursuing a full fledged feasibility study but could not gather robust research into this emerging industry internally.



Blue Planet is committed to offering forward-thinking and interactive education around urban and vertical farming.

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For Youth:

Sarasota, Florida, November, 2014

This youth workshop was held at McIntosh Middle School and was used as a way to jumpstart hydroponics at their already thriving horticulture program. Students were first taught about four different hydroponic methods and then split into four teams to build them. The result was four thriving hydroponic systems that the school now actively uses as part of its curriculums.


Sarasota, Florida, February 2015

This youth workshop was held at McIntosh Middle School and was used as a way to inspire the students to design agriculture in their own community. Students were asked to explain their favorite places to spend time in Sarasota and then design agriculture that integrated into them using hydroponic or soil-based methods. The results were unique designs for agriculture at the beach, tennis courts and karate studios. Students were able to explain their farm’s purpose, growing methods, and integration using the Association for Vertical Farming integration typology.


Agritecture workshops for professionals

Blue Planet is the official innovations sponsor and co-host of the Agritecture workshops for professionals, hosted by the Association for Vertical Farming. These one-day workshops ask interdisciplinary teams of professionals to design urban agriculture concepts that are creative, sustainable, and feasible. Typically, three teams of six participate in the friendly competitions. At the end, the teams present their concepts to a public audience and panel of judges.

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