Our Mission: Integrate Agriculture Back Into Cities

Blue Planet Consulting provides advisory services to public and private institutions in the design, planning, implementation and operation of urban agriculture projects. We offer our clients the tools, data, ideas, and expertise needed to ensure their success. We are based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Blue Planet’s expertise is in the rapidly emerging industry of hydroponic indoor agriculture, a rapidly developing industry is predicted to be valued at $9 billion. Our project experience includes hydroponic greenhouses, vertical farms, and sustainability learning labs. Explore our urban agriculture consulting services below and contact us to learn more.

Design Services

  • Vertical farm interior design
  • Greenhouse design
  • Concept development

The most successful urban agriculture projects do more than just grow food: they connect nature, people and the built environment. We assist you in realizing your project from the earliest stages of inception through unique layouts that reflect your project’s goals whether they be food production, education, or research. We can work with your current architects, contractors, and engineers to develop the best means of integrating agriculture into your project. We provide 3D renderings of our designs, offering you the insight you need to make certain that everything is just right.

Research and Analysis

  • Cost estimates
  • Feasibility studies
  • Vertical Farming Benchmarking

In an emerging industry, finding dependable data to make business and project management decisions can be challenging. That’s why we use empirical data to calculate estimates of capital and operational costs as well as revenue projections. Blue Planet has been collecting data and models for estimating greenhouse and vertical farming project costs for more than three years. As a client of ours, you gain from Blue Planet’s data-driven insights to plan your project, gather funding, and determine feasibility. Just to be sure that the data will stand once a project is complete, we validate our research with our own greenhouse operations in upstate New York.


  • Curricula
  • Youth workshops
  • Design workshops

Many of our clients have requested programs for ensuring engagement around and proper management of their urban agriculture projects. Blue Planet’s Growing Futures Program is our response to that need. Growing Futures is a sustainability-focused education curriculum for elementary and middle-school aged students that utilizes activity-based learning. The curriculum was developed by a team of sustainability managers who are also educators. Typically, our public and private school clients use the Growing Futures curriculum to widen the impact of their investment in urban agriculture.

Blue Planet also conducts youth and beginners workshops where the basics of hydroponics are taught through hands-on construction of do-it-yourself systems. If you are interested in hosting one of these workshops for team-building at public or private organizations please contact us. Learn more and take part in an upcoming workshop!


  • Recruiting services
  • Are you an indoor farming professional?

Every urban agriculture project is only as great as the team that manages it. Finding the right grower, operations manager, or interns to keep your project running smoothly is no easy task. Blue Planet has been building relationships with the top talent in the sector for more than 5 years and has a growing database to choose from. By leveraging our partnership with the popular blog, we have access to a community of 25,000+ followers, many of them urban agriculture professionals.

Communications and Marketing

  • Marketing strategies
  • Press releases
  • Launch events

Whether your urban agriculture project is large or small, getting the message out about it to your community or customers is critical. Members of our team have been managing the popular blog for over three years, giving them unparralleled insight into messaging strategies being used for urban agriculture projects. We can tell you who your target customers are and how you should market your products to them. We can compose press releases that make your organization shine and organize memorable launch events for your projects.

Our Partners

Blue Planet is a founding member of the AVF and actively engaged in their initiatives globally. Blue Planet is working with HarlemGrown on the redevelopment of a rooftop greenhouse in Manhattan and also an urban agriculture entrepreneurship program at Co-op Tech. Blue Planet works side by side with Stone Bridge Farm to verify our operations research data and perform R&D around hydroponics and vertical farming.